Syifer Electronics Repair

Quote, Repair, Done✓ It's Easy!

Simply fill out our online form with your service request. Include your contact information and device details, that's it! We'll get back to you within 24 hours.

We offer more than the average in-shop repairs, because we understand that convenience matters. We offer in-shop repairs and remote support as well as mail-in and house calls or your preferred location. We'll work with you whatever you needs may be. We are currently working on our repair tracker, soon you'll be able to track your repairs from start to finish.

Syifer is a home-based business start-up specializing in electronics repair and modification, as well as development and installation of new technology. Our services are fast, affordable, and professional-- We're here to help. Unlike most, do not have a limited service area! If you're too far for a service call and cannot make it to us, we have remote support and mail-in solutions! From screens to batteries or cables to cases we'll find the solution that's best for you! Our most common repairs are cracked screens and broken buttons but our team is dedicated to going above and beyond for every customer we meet. We strive to improve our skills and experience every single day. You can rest assured if you choose Syifer, your device and your data are in good hands.