INNOVATING business. advancing technology.

Syifer is a team of dedicated individuals, that specialize in one thing: Solutions. We develop and utilize technologies that drive innovation and increase productivity. We offer a wide array of services that we customize to fit your unique needs. Check out all of the services we offer or contact us to learn more.

Business Solutions

Technology is used in every aspect of business today, we can help you with all of it. Through the use of our services we can improve your businesses efficiency. From the essentials, like a secure and reliable internet connection & point of sale solutions, to custom kiosks & digital signage, we also offer things like Social Media Marketing and Website Development/Hosting. No matter what your business needs, we have the technology to help improve the way you work.

Smart Home Solutions

We have many innovative solutions for your home. The Syifer Smart Home brings Technology and Automation together to give you a new way to secure, maintain and entertain in your home. Syifer's Virtual Assistant allows you to control and monitor everything in your home from your everyday appliances and your entertainment devices to you lights and locks. It answers all of your questions, like "Who's home?" or "Did the mail come". As well as anything else you'd like to know, like "Who won last nights game?" or "Do I need an umbrella?". Syifer Smart Home Solutions can solve all of your Home Security and Automation needs. Stay tuned for our Smart Home Energy Solutions!

Security Solutions

In today's advanced digital environment we understand it may seem difficult to protect your information, we've simplified it. We provide both physical and digital security for your home or business, at the highest standard. We have developed cutting edge security protocols that we constantly work on improving as technology advances. Everything from Access Control & CCTV to Network Security and Intrusion Detection, we're there so you don't have to be. We offer Remote Monitoring/Access services and Complete Company Security Policy Management. Schedule a Security Compliance Audit today!